About PetroQuantum

The value proposition provided by PETROQUANTUM is the ability to unlock
business value by combining strategic and process excellence [across
disciplines and functions] in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. At
present, we are focusing significant efforts on integrated

supply chain management and operational excellence.


We apply our value proposition across the industry in a unique way,
taking a Manufacturing-centric approach to the optimisation of the oil
supply chain, based on a fundamental understanding of inherent
complexities and uncertainties so as to capture the benefits of
integration with Supply and Distribution. We do this by leveraging the
power of very high quality people so as to:


  • Apply a unique blend of knowledge, expertise and experience
  • Have the ability to span disciplines, interfaces, functions and boundaries within the business
  • Take a practical, common sense approach
  • Possess the conceptual ability to understand the issues and challenges and the creative thought leadership to be able to optimise the value of the client's business
  • These factors underpin our confidence in being able to add real value to our clients through a unique set of products and services
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