Alternative Energy


PetroQuantum's Alternative Energy practice has been developed in recent years, after we have identified the need for expertise in this field. The rationale behind this practice has been the fact that alternative energy in general and alternative fuels in particular correspond to the same business practices and business models as conventional energy. Applying PetroQuantum's well proven energy practices would only benefit and contribute to those areas.

 As a result, we have modified some of our well proven models to alternative energy and use our expertise also in these fields.


What is alternative energy?

Alternative energy is defined as any source of energy which is not based on conventional fossil fuels, either to produce electricity or for transportation usage. The term is therefore very widely applied, from solar and wind energy to various alternative fuels (biological and synthetic) and smart grid.

As the cost of energy has increased substantially, organizations and governments alike understand that energy issues must be addressed – be it through policy and regulation, or through entering new fields of expertise to provide customers with higher energy intensity at lower costs.

Alternative energy innovation has different characteristics than other innovation domains, that need to be studied carefully to fully understand their impact on an organization. These have to be carefully re-designed and integrated into the original organizational structure and existing business processes.  

At PetroQuantum we specialize mainly in alternative fuels innovation programmes and their deployment. However, we have carried out several assignments in other (non- fuel innovation) areas as well (see our case studies).

Our work has been both with government agencies and commercial companies and dealt mainly with the design and implementation of energy innovation programmes


At the Alternative Energy practice we provide two main services around energy innovation and energy policy. With our advanced business models and deep understanding of the full span of the energy arena, PetroQuantum provides innovative insights to the alternative energy business. This includes the provision of energy innovation consulting services, as well as energy policy consulting services, applicable to both government agencies and private enterprises in the industry.

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