Energy Policy Consulting


Energy is becoming a major consideration to be taken into account in every country due to the price of oil, environmental issues and national security. This means that government agencies need to re-consider their current energy policy and re-design it.


At PetroQuantum, we work hand in hand with policy makers to provide them with data and analysis to shape a country's future energy policy, especially in the field of energy innovation and alternative energy.


The Energy Policy practice focuses on two main consulting services:


1. Energy Policy design to government agencies

PetroQuantum provides a comprehensive solution to government agencies and policy makers offering research and analysis services on the one hand, and sound recommendations for policy making on the other.


Generally, a government intervention happens when a market failure is identified. As a first step we assist a government agency to identify this market failure. At later stages we map the market and provide a full list of local as well as global market and technology barriers. A later stage would benchmark the subject with similar countries. A set of recommendations and practical tools is provided at the end of the process.


2. Energy Policy consulting to industry

A unique service we initiated last year helps corporations establish energy innovation programs to become compatible with current and future energy policies.


As most alternative energy projects (especially these which involve an innovative component) are still not viably economic, such projects should be carefully planned with a deep understanding of government's incentive programs and policies today and in the future. Moreover, they usually demand a hand in hand work with government agencies to shape a new policy or a new pilot policy.


At PetroQuantum we help entrepreneurs initiate innovative energy projects based on economic principles on the one hand and on government policies on the other. We assist such corporations in establishing projects receive substantial government budgets to maintain them.

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