PETROQUANTUM provided program management and domain expertise 
to IBM in support of a major contract with a large Indian oil company. 
The PETROQUANTUM consultant undertook the dual role of program                                          
 manager for IBM's client and IBM program executive to initiate and 
deliver a range of systems projects in support of the deployment of a
 new downstream petroleum business in India. The client was 
intending to build a green-field retail network of more than 2000 service
stations and its attendant supply chain infrastructure against a

very aggressive schedule. 


IBM, accountable as the program management contractor, required
 deep petroleum industry knowledge, petroleum supply chain 
knowledge, IT and IT infrastructure knowledge and strong project
 and program management skills, a combination of expertise
unavailable within IBM. PETROQUANTUM was able to provide 
this expertise to IBM and their client.                                                                                                            



PETROQUANTUM's involvement significantly strengthened IBM's

initial value proposition and assisted greatly in closing the contract 

with the client. PETROQUANTUM then ensured that the delivery 
of the consulting and program management services to IBM's 
client was well managed and delivered to the expectations of 
both IBM and their client.

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