Due Diligence/Technical Capability

As part of the due diligence process for potential acquisition of equity,                                            Due Diligence/Technical Capability Assessment

PETROQUANTUM delivered to  Rangatira Ltd a comprehensive

assessment of the technical capabilities, the competence and

the areasof competitive advantage of the nominated company. 


As part of a due diligence process PETROQUANTUM was engaged 

by Rangatira Ltd to complete a comprehensive assessment of the 
technical capability of an international specialist contracting 
company, working primarily in the oil industry. PETROQUANTUM
provided, at relatively short notice, a review of trends in the industry 
in addition to a detailed analysis of the technical and organisational 
capabilities, the level of competence and areas of competitive 
advantage of the contracting company. PETROQUANTUM's structured 
assessment and analysis tools allowed the delivery of a product that 
the client was very satisfied with. 


Mr. Ian Frame, CEO of Rangatira Ltd: "We wanted an investigation and                                    

report done within a tight time frame. It was delivered very professionally 
and on time at the quoted price - we were very satisfied." 

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