Self Assessment Models


The Supply Chain Management Self Assessment is a high level summary of some of the most critical processes, systems and practices that a refinery must have in place and is drawn from our comprehensive Supply Chain Management Business Process model. Each of the elements provided in the model represents a critical business process, system or practice - most can also be called "best practice". A top performing refinery would be expected to have all or, at least most, of these elements as well established practices within the business.


The purpose of the Supply Chain Management Self Assessment is for a refinery to assess itself against these critical elements of the business to try to understand how it compares with "best practice" and to provide a very high-level indication of where there may be room for improvement. The full Supply Chain Management Business Process Model provides a far more detailed analysis and can be performed upon request.


The assessment is completed by filling out the simple questionnaire provided, assessing to what extent you believe the site has implemented each of the processes, systems or practices. The guideline that should be followed is:"Can we demonstrate to an independent party that this process, system or practice is consistently established across or within our site?" Feedback is provided by means of a composite score and there is also a score for each of the main groups within the model. These scores are shown graphically. It should be assumed that a best practice refinery would score between 3.5 and 4 on the composite measure and for each of the main group measures.


The Supply Chain Management Business Process Model is one of three Business Process Models that make up the PetroQuantum Refinery Management Framework ™, which looks to model the full scope of the business processes and activities that a refinery performs. The Refinery Management Framework is made up of three models:


                 Refining Business Management
                 Supply Chain Management (Downstream Petroleum)
                 Asset Management


      Assessment Instructions:

              1. The next page shows a graphical outline of the Supply Chain Management model.


              2. The page following the graphical outline presents the self assessment questionnaire. 
                   Please input your details (name, email address and refinery/site)


              3. Read the definitions for scoring the business processes assessment criteria.


              4. Input the assessment scores for each attribute in the questionnaire.


              5. Press ‘Submit form’ to calculate and view the assessment results.


              6. A copy of the high-level results summary will be emailed to you automatically.



















                                                                          Begin the assessment

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