Refinery Management Framework


Refinery performance is normally measured through a set of performance metrics, most commonly those established in the benchmarking studies provided by Solomon Associates. The biennial Solomon survey provides a good basis for comparing performance against a peer group, within the region and worldwide, and it is even better for trending own performance over time. Although the Solomon data and other performance statistics can give good insights into why some refineries perform better than others, assuming a good understanding of the definitions and distinctions, it is important to look behind the numbers, to the practices that produced them. Any refinery improvement plan must address the practices not the performance measures. Refineries are complex, technical businesses and to understand a specific refinery’s performance a view of the refinery is needed that captures and rationalises this complexity. PetroQuantum can do this with its Refinery Management Framework (RMF), a detailed model of the processes, systems and practices that a refinery needs to have in place to succeed in the modern business environment. In spite of its complexity, the RMF model provides simple and transparent mechanisms to aggregate the underlying complexity and detail into an accurate and internally consistent representation for analysis and reporting purposes.


PETROQUANTUM uses the RMF model, in conjunction with recognised performance metrics, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the refinery’s performance or selected areas of the refinery. The RMF model has

 5 distinct levels of detail and is structured into 3 Seprate sub-models : 


               •  A Refining Business Mangement Model(management and generic business processes);
                  A Supply Chain Manegment Model(planning, scheduling and operations business processes);
                  An Asset Mangement Model(integrity and reliability management business processes)

To understand the RMF models better see the following examples:











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